109F-Complaint regarding apparel of your brand

By | June 30, 2016

Subject of Complaint :Complaint regarding apparel of your brand

Company / Product Name:109F

State :Chandigarh
Complaint Details : I had bought a western wear top of 109F from lifestyle at Elante Mall Chandigarh. After 2-3 wears, both the sleeves have come out from the sewing. The material of the top was synthetic. I tried to get it mended but it was not possible as there was no margin in the sleeves. It is lying useless as i can not wear it in this condition. If such a thing is happening with big brand clothing, than what would be the fate of non branded clothes??? The quality of the apparel material should be checked before it is put up for sale. Kindly address this ASAP…….

Thanks….. Dr Seema

Name :Dr Seema Aggarwal
Mobile no :9501022020
Email address :drseema205@yahoo.com

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