1871157-Not happy with my Magic/Visual resume

By | March 15, 2016

Subject of Complaint :Not happy with my Magic/Visual resume

Company / Product Name:1871157

State :Delhi
Complaint Details : I am not entirely happy with my Magic/Visual resume.


Summary of skills & Core competencies depict me either as a James Bond (Who Knows & can do anything) or as a person who knows nothing (as too many skills gives a feeling of Fake).

In case of 1st impression – there is no ‘Wow factor’ distinguishing me from the others. (Actually it is Normal, Common & Nothing different…)

I presume that my current writer is new in this profession. Hence, request you to please change my writer (different level) considering my experience, age & profile.

Mobile no :09911642390
Email address :vipansahni@yahoo.co.in

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