21 HONDA-21 Honda SCAM

By | August 16, 2016

Subject of Complaint :21 Honda SCAM

Company / Product Name:21 HONDA

State :Maharashtra
Complaint Details : 1) DELIVERY: I bought a honda cbr250r which was already ready, didnt have to book it, I paid the whole amount in form of cheque, dealer assured me the delivery in a week, But it took A MONTH to deliver it.
2) DEFECTS:After a while of usage, I found out that my right mirror fell off randomly while riding on the highway, due to loose screw and air pressure.
3)When I opened the rear seat cover for the first time to wash the bike, it had the toolkits and along with it was a RED CLOTH which had SEA SHORE PEBBLES/STONES often found in black magic. I handovered the stones to them, no action was taken.
4)After 1st service, my instrument cluster display went OFF, now they arent ready to repair/solve

Name :Chandan Hegde
Mobile no :9819019333
Email address :chandan.hegde007@gmail.com

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