Abhay tea pvt ltd-ATM 700CG , FUEL COAL

By | December 21, 2016

Subject of Complaint :ATM 700CG , FUEL COAL

Company / Product Name:Abhay tea pvt ltd

State :West Bengal

Complaint Details :we abhay tea pvt ltd buy ATM -700CG FUEL COAL. we are tea manufactur which has been started working after 23rd april 2016 ,last in eight mounth more than five times its given us problem.maney time yours people has came and know they are telling to buy goods from yours dealer of abought 84000 rs, we buy thermax in tea industris may be first time , what you and yours companey thinks its ok we dont know .we buy yours ATM ON THIRTY LAKH , I THINK its goods our we can go in coart, and say to avery tea manufactures not to buy THERMAX BOILER

Name :Kr Rahul Singh
Mobile no :8972455186
Email address :abhaytea@gmail.com

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