AirtelDth-bonus dthnot credited in client-3015075117

By | January 2, 2017

Subject of Complaint :bonus dthnot credited in client-3015075117

Company / Product Name:AirtelDth

State :Uttar Pradesh

Complaint Details :Being given to understand, the above mentioned subject regarding bonus of amount being recharged subsequantely recharged on dates,
15 11 2016 &16 12 2016not being reimbursed in the said client ,as mentioned above
the amount being rs-50@25/ per recharge, upon taking matter with customercare dept
proved an exercise in futile
you are being requeted to issuse direction to the service provider to reimburse the said bonus in my account
hira lal kath

Name :Hira Lal Kath
Mobile no :+91 9871255688
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