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By | June 22, 2015

Subject of Complaint :Petrol pumps

Company / Product Name:All petrol pumps

State :Andhra Pradesh
Complaint Details : Hi this is chaitanya from hyderabad .
all petrol pumps There are not filling us exactly what we asked
if we ask 500rs of fuel. they will fill trigger to 50 ask us again Ho you said 500rs right they will fill 450rs. But first time they won’t fill 50rs of fuel.
Yesterday I went with empty tank and asked to fill 100rs of petrol in my bike. first they filled 30 and immediately he said sorry and he filled 70 he just missed. I enquired lot of my friends they said it happen for them as well lot of times.
So please we need help from you and stop this .
We don’t know where to give a complete about this .
I know, if I went to local police station they will have dealings so it’s wast.

Name :Chaitanya
Mobile no :9550755999
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