ARSHOPEE-Fake online sighte

By | June 1, 2015

Subject of Complaint :Fake online sighte

Company / Product Name:ARSHOPEE

State :Tamil Nadu

Complaint Details :This is to inform you that A R Shopee is a fake shopee, they are world largest cheaters, i and my friends are cheated from A R Shopee, once they get money from us they will not respond for our call also they will not send any product, This is pakka fake shopee..

How they will cheat Costumers ?

Step 1: you will get Call From A R Shopee
Step 2. They will Explain about offers With forcefully (FAKE OFFERS)
Step 3.they start hypnotism to make bakara
Step 4. then they will tel its 100% free due to Anniversary
Step 5. Finally though hypnotism they makes us to transfer money

once transferred money they will cut the call and they will not call back also our call will not reach the

Name :Harish
Mobile no :09003232846
Email address

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