BSNL-De-activation of music Hangama

By | July 27, 2016

Subject of Complaint :De-activation of music Hangama

Company / Product Name:BSNL

State :Karnataka
Complaint Details : R/S
It is regretted matter that your BSNL org, is being miss leading the TRUSTED BSNLCustomer by imposing unnecessary tariff in the name of so called music Hungama which is to be described as looting Hungama what is the intention of the dept ? if it is going on UR dept will loose the confident of the public .so in my case since may2016in has been imposing the unnecessary tariff even after the request submitted at the respective branch this is clearly harassing matter for which the situation forcing us to withdraw the BSNL SERVICE permanently
there for please refund the amount / tariff imposed on us without prior our permission and De-activate the music hungama scheme rightnow .TQ

Mobile no :9449301699
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