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US Airways Customer Care Number

One of the biggest airlines based in U.S in the city of Tempe, Arizona. The airline has an impressive enough fleet of 338 jets and turbo-top aircrafts. The company has employed over 32,306 people worldwide all going strong. The airlines super catering to all flight passengers has definitely help make its name famous not only… Read More »

United Airlines Customer Care Number

Founded on April 6, 1926 & commenced on June 30, 1927, United Airlines has been officially declared as the largest airlines in the world on the basis of number of destinations. The company operates in almost every country in the world. So as to keep up the reputation of United_Continental_Holdings, a branch of which it… Read More »

Malaysian Airlines Customer Care Number

Malaysian Airlines is the government Flag Carrier of Malaysia and is one of the airlines companies that have shown a rapid growth over the years. The airline company has its operations in South Asia, South East Asia, and Middle East and in the kangaroo route. The company not only provides unmatched aviation services to its… Read More »

Singapore Airlines Customer Care Number

Singapore Airlines is a state run flag carrier for Singapore. The company has a glorious history in the field of aviation and is known to be the maiden customer of the world’s largest aircraft of today. The company pays special attention in providing ultimate aviation services to passengers all across the globe. The company strives… Read More »

Qatar Airways Customer Care Number

Qatar Airways is the government owned Flag carrier of Qatar. The airlines company is one of the most renowned airlines companies of the world and is also termed as the five star air carriers. The airline is also one of the biggest airlines of the world in terms of staff recruitment with over 20,000 staffs… Read More »

Lufthansa Airlines Customer Care Number

Lufthansa Airlines is the world’s fourth largest Airlines in terms of passenger and freight carrier. The company is a private airlines organization with an estimated annual turnover of a massive 250 crores. Lufthansa airlines are the flag carrier of Germany and has its head office based in Germany from where it operates in the rest… Read More »

Sri Lankan Airways Customer Care Number

Sri Lankan Airways is the flag carrier of Sri Lanka, the company was known previously as Air Lanka. The company like any other airline company carries passenger and freight across different destinations around the globe. The company ensures best aviation experience to its passengers and does the same in the customer care and support department… Read More »

Etihad Airways Customer Care Number

Etihad Airways is one of the most rapidly growing private international airlines company all over the world. This United Arab Emirates Carrier started its business operations in the year 2003. The airlines deal in above 1300 flights every week to over fifty five countries all across the universe. This airline company was awarded the leading… Read More »

Delta Airlines Customer Care Number

Delta Airlines is a major United States airline located in Atlanta, Georgia. It operates an extensive range of flights that goes across all continents except Antarctica. Delta Air Lines and its subsidiaries operate over 5,000 flights every day with approximately 75,000 employees. The airline’s hub is at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. Contact (head office) Delta… Read More »