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News paper-10rupees

Subject of Complaint :10rupees Company / Product Name:News paper State :Maharashtra Complaint Details :I take your paper lokamat paper I spend you 200 rupees advance you told pay 60rupees only per month but your news paper agancy take 70 rupees why take complain and call me Mobil 8422903160 Name :Ganesh honakhande Mobile no :8422903160 Email… Read More »


Subject of Complaint :SPECIAL RECRUITMENT DERIVE FOR PWD Company / Product Name:SPECIAL RECRUITMENT DERIVE FOR PWD State :Uttar Pradesh Complaint Details : Hi, respected sir good evening is there any provision for changing the examination centre because currently I am staying in Bengaluru for employability traning at enable India Bengaluru as a disabled person ti… Read More »

lokmat newspaper-lokmat 2nd gift not received

Subject of Complaint :lokmat 2nd gift not received Company / Product Name:lokmat newspaper State :Maharashtra Complaint Details : Dear lokmat team, My husband Mr. Pramod Khatua is brought your lokamat scheme for one year “kahi tari kar thanekar” and our paper started in November 15. As per your advertisement after completion of 8 months of… Read More »


Subject of Complaint :digideal2u Company / Product Name:digideal2u State :Andhra Pradesh Complaint Details : I am digideal2udigideal2u user I am invested 19500 many Web site not working plz sir solution and solve my problem Name :pradeep ganesh kumar Mobile no :8790570566 Email address


Subject of Complaint :TELANGANA INTERMEDIATE VOC EDUCATION Company / Product Name:PARAMEDICAL COURSES State :Andhra Pradesh Complaint Details :Sir iam the fallower of vemuri radha krishna garu met him few times,and fan of andhra jyothi tv channel,sir nenu cheppadam emanaga meru icchina SCOTCH BOTTLE 25 THOUSAND on 20th of june kadanam ok abaddam ani cheppa galanu,… Read More »

HP LPG GAS-correction in my hp gas connection

Subject of Complaint :correction in my hp gas connection Company / Product Name:HP LPG GAS State :West Bengal Complaint Details : My husband name is prabhat halder so it will be w/o prabhat halder,it has s/o prabhat halder Name :kalpana halder Mobile no :9474021168 Email address

education department-krishana pushkaralu-nirvakam

Subject of Complaint :krishana pushkaralu-nirvakam Company / Product Name:education department State :Andhra Pradesh Complaint Details : క్రిష్ణాపుష్కరాల సందర్భంగా విద్యాశాఖ నిర్వహించిన పోటీలలో 12-8-16 నుంచి 27-8-16 వరకు మండలస్థాయి జిల్లా స్థాయి పోటీలలో జిల్లా మారు మూలప్రాంతాలనుంచి1000 మందికిపైగా 300 నుంచి500 రూపాయలు ఖర్చులుపెట్టుకొని వ్యాసరచన,వక్త్రుత్వ,క్విజ్,చితరలేఖనం పోటీలలో పాల్గొన్నారు. ఇంతాచేసి విద్యాశాఖ విజేతలను ప్రకటించలేదు. 300 నుంచి500 రూపాయలు ఖర్చులుపెట్టుకొని క్రిష్ణాపుష్కరాలకు పోయివుంటే పుణ్యం దక్కీది పోటీలలోపాల్గొని సమయం ,డబ్బు.దండగా… Read More »

BHOJ OPEN UNIVERSITY-Correction in exam result

Subject of Complaint :Correction in exam result Company / Product Name:BHOJ OPEN UNIVERSITY State :Madhya Pradesh Complaint Details : I was appeared in PGDCA exam session 2013-14. my registration number as 130107PGD014. i was attend all exam papers regularly but my exam result has been supplementary declared. i have a proof of attendance sheet which… Read More »