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Caprese-Chain? Runner ? Zip already not working

Subject of Complaint :Chain? Runner ? Zip already not working Company / Product Name:Caprese State :West Bengal Complaint Details :Hi, I have purchased a Teal color wallet of the brand Caprese from Flipkart in Oct 2016. Already the zip of the wallet is not working. Copuld ypu please help me to get that repaired or… Read More »

limeroad handbag-i had not received free one offer

Subject of Complaint :i had not received free one offer Company / Product Name:limeroad handbag State :Maharashtra Complaint Details :I have ordered buy one get one free my order number 0008219596. But I had not received free one. Why???????? I expect it will give me as soon as possible . please contact me on my… Read More »

black colour slip-unable to cancel an my orders

Subject of Complaint :unable to cancel an my orders Company / Product Name:black colour slip State :Kerala Complaint Details :I am canceling my orders. that’s products rite is very high. orders details; #0008010581 #0008011019….. that’s two products are same. this item I am purchased on Flipkart. this item items Flipkart rite is low. lime road:659… Read More »

T.R.Eithirajulu&Sons,Dharmapuri,Petrolium dealer-Extra charging for card use

Subject of Complaint :Extra charging for card use Company / Product Name:T.R.Eithirajulu&Sons,Dharmapuri,Petrolium dealer State :Tamil Nadu Complaint Details :Accounting HDFC bank viz T.R.Eithurajulu&son, Dharmapuri- Bharath Petrolium dealer -Sweep machine card payment- Billed more than the receipt issued -Refund- Reg. On going through the payments noted the cost of the bill at the time of sweep… Read More »