chera pachano-CHERA PACHANO

By | September 5, 2015

Subject of Complaint :CHERA PACHANO

Company / Product Name:chera pachano

State :Nagaland
Complaint Details : Sir i want to take action immediately for chera pachano sir i just want to know what type of foolish you are posting in tv i want to take action right now they do not no what what type of people live in india and i want to post some thing in tv show along with my photo and full address that its is a foolish and that mr raju khan ,,,,address,,, he said that its is a layer do not do these type of foolness pliz be careful for chera pachano i want to post only this in tv sir pliz along with my photo…thank you if not finish……

Name :raju khan
Mobile no :+918729865778
Email address

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