CLUB MAHINDRA HOLIDAYS-Cheated by club mahindra

By | August 6, 2015

Subject of Complaint :Cheated by club mahindra


State :Maharashtra
Complaint Details : On the 1st of august(1st day of their booking for the month of november) at 9.30am(booking starts at 9.30am) sharp i am trying to book a holiday for their dubai property via customer care and online both. Cust care no is busy till 9.50am and online i cant get into member booking till around 10am. Finally i get through their no. But all the executives are busy so it keeps me on hold for another 15mins. Finally at 10.05am when someones at the other end i give my travel dates for their dubai property to which she replies its full. There are 30 rooms in that property and im unable to get one. Where is my fault? If i dont get a room 3months earlier on the 1st day in the first few minutes how else

Name :Apurva Kirti Mehta
Mobile no :9820374374
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