colorbar-fraud offers in stores in lucknow

By | August 2, 2016

Subject of Complaint :fraud offers in stores in lucknow

Company / Product Name:colorbar

State :Uttar Pradesh
Complaint Details : colorbar store saleswomen in lucknow saharaganj mall told me an offer that if you buy any product you can exchange your old lipstick and get a new colorbar lipstick of range Rs750. I had stopped to by a nailpolish she woowed me with this offer. but then I did not had any old lipstick with me so how can I avail this offer. the sales women said this offer is till 9pm you come before then and get the offer i came home to get my old lipstick. when in evenening I go to the store they say they have no lipstick left from the offer and go to the other store they still have the colors and offer.other store is very far but still i agree to go. the other store first made me try lipstick &say offer over

Name :Aradhana Hans
Mobile no :9889674444
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