customer satisfaction-ground supply system in patan

By | July 14, 2016

Subject of Complaint :ground supply system in patan

Company / Product Name:customer satisfaction

State :Gujarat
Complaint Details : i want to complain regarding irregularities executed by your side in sending newspaper daily bases, the newspaper vendor boy(paper sender) fail to give news paper at my home in morning. the standard time to read news paper is generally in morning up-till 10:00 A.M but in spite of that news paper boy daily give it at after 10 o’clock……
second thing, on today(14-07-2016), i diden’t get my news paper, and when i talk and ask to your area responsible Mr. Harnish shah, inspite of been very generous he tell us frenkly that “this kind of irregularities from their side is repeating on regular basis again and again,if you are not agree with that than please stop taking news paper from me”.

Name :HItarth Raval
Mobile no :9723098418
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