Dairy Milk-Fungus In Dairy Milk Normal as well as Crackle

By | July 25, 2016

Subject of Complaint :Fungus In Dairy Milk Normal as well as Crackle

Company / Product Name:Dairy Milk

State :Rajasthan

Complaint Details :I purchased 4 25 rs dairy milk chocolate dated 3/16 when i opened it i found it covered with white dots, thinking that it might be duplicate i returned two of them since the other two was being dumped ,the shopkeeper also changed it with one dairy milk crackle and a 5 star but in crackle also i found the same type of fungus and i checked all the details conforming that the dairy milk crackle is not duplicate. So i came to the conclusion after checking all the 5 chocolate that all sort of dairy milk dated 2/16 and 3/16 are facing same issue.I therefore request to replace all such chocolate in the market and provide compensation for my money time(calls made to cadbury customer support service which were not replied at all) and trouble.

Name :Khushi Vijay
Mobile no :8947982161
Email address :vinitavijay1972@gmail.com

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