Dinamalar-Dinamalar Yearly Calendar

By | December 11, 2014

Subject of Complaint :Dinamalar Yearly Calendar

Company / Product Name:Dinamalar

State :Tamil Nadu
Complaint Details : We received Dinamalar Yearly Calendar for 2015 along with the daily paper today (11th Dec. 2014) at a cost of Rs. 15/-.
a. We were not told in advance that we would receive the calendar. The agent simply dumps the calendar to all the people who buy your daily. When you charge for an item, is it not proper to ask the customer about their preference? Though in your daily you had mentioned that the daily calendar would be supplied, is it correct to dump the calendars to all your customers, that too when it is not free?
b. The supplied (dumped) calendar was torn. I do not know why you send such calendars to people. Are we not entitled to get good quality calendar when we are charged for that?
c.. Pradhosham details are not printed. For example, for Jan 2015 there must be two pradhoshams. But only one is shown pictorially.

Please take remedial steps to avoid such errors and bad practices.

IIT Madras.

Name :Subramanian
Mobile no :9382832589
Email address :manianvsiitm@gmail.com

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