District Registrar birth and Death civil sergeon Bhiwani, Haryana.-correction in birth certificate

By | January 15, 2014

Subject of Complaint :correction in birth certificate

Company / Product Name:District Registrar birth and Death civil sergeon Bhiwani, Haryana.

State :Haryana
Complaint Details : I suraj.kumar requested for my birth certificate. I recieved it on the date given.to me but its not bearing my name and d.o.b. As i told my name suraj kumar d.o.b- 30/11/1992
And what.theu.given.me is named as surender d.o.b – 30/12/1991. So i requested to correct that but they said it is registered as giben to you. As i required birth certificate to apply for passport for my furthrr studies in usa. So i requested them but in vain they said none can make it correct.. So can i never go outside.india as we need birth certificate for passport. What should i.do.
Am trying for 2 years am frustrated. With this system please help me

Name :suraj kumar
Mobile no :9958014344
Email address :suraj3025@yahoo.com

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