Dolphin (MTNL) SIM Card-Dolphin (MTNL) SIM Card-PUK Code for my MTNL SIM

By | October 6, 2015

Subject of Complaint :Dolphin (MTNL) SIM Card-PUK Code for my MTNL SIM

Company / Product Name:Dolphin (MTNL) SIM Card

State :Delhi
Complaint Details : Was
just exploring the
security options of my
newly purchased
smartphone when I
stumbled upon ‘SIM
Card Lock’…..It asked for
some pin number and i
just typed something,
however on realizing that
it was something i didn’t
require, i closed it
immediately without
saving/confirming it.
Now when i try to call, i
get a a notification
stating that my SIM card
has been blocked. It is
now asking for a PUK
Code and a New PIN
In trying to guess my way
out, I’ve used up 9 out
of the 10 attempts
allowed. I am now in an
unfortunate situation
with no way out.
I request the concerned
to look into the matter
and mail me the
requisite code at the

Name :Hari kishan sah
Mobile no :9868841958
Email address

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