Economoc Times-Extra charges for issuing ET

By | March 2, 2016

Subject of Complaint :Extra charges for issuing ET

Company / Product Name:Economoc Times

State :Kerala

Complaint Details :Hi,

I recently moved to Aluva (PIN-683108) and started issuing ET but realised that the agent(Bhasi – 9447577717) who gives us paper is charging 10 rs extra every month. When I asked him to include this in the invoice that he provides, he was not willing to do so. He also told us that if we are not happy with the charges, we may discontinue issuing the paper.

This I found to be a clear way of cheating. The charges are also found to be doubtful. For e.g., for the month of February, he has charged us 150 (including his service charge) when there were only 25 days of issue as there is no issue on Sundays here(as told by the agent)

Request you to look into this and take an action asap

Name :Abhimanyu Viswanathan
Mobile no :8714163671
Email address

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