Eisamay bengali daily newspaper-Wrong publishing of an article

By | May 24, 2016

Subject of Complaint :Wrong publishing of an article

Company / Product Name:Eisamay bengali daily newspaper

State :West Bengal
Complaint Details : There was an article published on 23.05.2016 on this bengali daily newspaper Eisamay regarding a case against Mr. Surendranath Banerjee stating that he is been arrested due to illegal activity on selling flats to customers. This is against the truth. He is not been accused of same charge anywhere. This article is completely wrong does not carry any truthfulness.
On publishing of this article we the family members of Mr. Surendranath banerjee is facing the disturbances due to it. So, I, Mrs. Sukanya banerjee (wife of Surendranath banerjee) is complaining about this published article dated on 23.05.2016. I do hope the daily will take essential steps to establish the respect of my family

Name :Sukanya Banerjee
Mobile no :8373848537
Email address :sukanyamisra.dgp@gmail.com

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