essar oil-unsatisfied

By | July 10, 2016

Subject of Complaint :unsatisfied

Company / Product Name:essar oil

State :Karnataka
Complaint Details : Today I went to your petroleum bunk which is located in India , Mysore(shantinagar).

I tolled them to put 100 rupee petrol in my bike .so your worker did some thing in that computer system and started to put petrol in my bike but he just stopped at 99.75 rupee ,when I asked them every worker there just started to quarrel with me I said them to put a full 100 rupee petrol but they didn’t ,They are cheating in the name of the company.

I personally prefer essar when compared to others .
I always go to your bunk for any kind of petroleum product .But this is my first experience like this .
You really need to take some serious action other wise they will steal money from people in the name of the company .

From 1 person they are stealing 25 paise imagine from 100 people they are stealing a total amount of 25 rupees each day , and 775 every month .
Just imagine how many people come to you bunk in order for good service and this basterds steal money in the name of the company

Name :Syed salauddin ayubi
Mobile no :7812958229
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