Fame inox theatre, malad west-Monetary & Mental harassment

By | August 24, 2016

Subject of Complaint :Monetary & Mental harassment

Company / Product Name:Fame inox theatre, malad west

State :Maharashtra
Complaint Details : I was watching a movie on 8th august’16 in inox theater in malad west in screen 1.
After the movie was over as I stepped out of row of my seats my shoe was stuck in the giant steel plate sticking out from a stairs which cut my shoe very baldy. Looking at the damage to my shoe, I noticed this steel plate which was stuck and dangerously coming out from the edge of the stairs could have easily cut my leg and made me cripple had I not been wearing a shoe.
I immediately bought this to the attention of the staff and demanded to speak to the manager of the theater, who directed me to Sachin.
He took pictures of my shoe and was sorry for the incident and offered to refund movie money but i denied.

Name :Imran Sayed
Mobile no :9167009889
Email address :imransayed30@gmail.com

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