Football-Mohun Bagan is not in India

By | April 19, 2017

Subject of Complaint :Mohun Bagan is not in India

Company / Product Name:Football

State :West Bengal

Complaint Details :I do not know, if this is related to Ei Samay paper. Still I would say that its been really enjoyable reading your Khelar Samay for last few days. East Bengal (EB) has been highlighted in such a way that they have missed i league championship being the only Indian Club. All of your reporters were aware that this time EB will be champion. Change in their coach and loss to Mohun Bagan has been represented these days totally eliminating the credits of so called foreign clubs, Mohun Bagan and Aizal FC. Mohun Bagan is having international matches with i league schedules. A small report in second page will do. Is it a good sign? You are gradually replacing Ananda Bazar, be careful. So with Times

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