Greenply-Your recent advertisements

By | June 21, 2015

Subject of Complaint :Your recent advertisements

Company / Product Name:Greenply

State :Delhi
Complaint Details : I find your TV advertisements abusive. Kindly review them. The advertisements must be social or strengthening social beliefs. But I regret to notice that recent advertisements are abusing social belief such a sadhu eating non-veg and liquor, indirectly you are implicating hermits are not to be trusted, or a father coming with new bride while such is as ideal as shravan.
No insist, you are free to utilize your freedom hiding behind nity-grity of law. You are corporate, but please note, public are wiser than you assume.
These adverts may give you hike in your sales in short term.
but I am in believe, in long run you may repent.
See the situation of axe, or coalgate, they are almost out

Name :Mukund Kumar
Mobile no :255783547019
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