HATHWAY CABLE SERVICE-Misbehavior of Cable Operator

By | September 3, 2015

Subject of Complaint :Misbehavior of Cable Operator

Company / Product Name:HATHWAY CABLE SERVICE

State :Karnataka
Complaint Details : Our Hathway set up box ‘s Remote was not working, we had replaced it 4 times befre. I called this Cable operator Srinivas to check on this & without any reason he used bad words like Slut to me & came to my house & started shouting. This is in NGEF, Krishnanpalya area ,Bangalore. If no action is take I will have to raise a defamation case against this guy and concerened authorities. I complained to my ward councellor abt this.

Name :Annah
Mobile no :9591344477
Email address :a.annah15@gmail.com

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