HP gas-LPG Gas-Cancel my ‘give-up subsidy’

By | February 15, 2016

Subject of Complaint :LPG Gas-Cancel my ‘give-up subsidy’

Company / Product Name:HP gas

State :Kerala

Complaint Details :I have entered my LPG ID in the web portal ‘mylpg.in’ is not with the intention for “give-up subsidy” . I gave the details on the basis of SMS dated 12.2.2016 from DM-HPDBTL with the intention of giving PAN Details, declaring my income which is less than ten lakhs and not for opting ‘give-up subsidy’. sir, it is requested to cancel my request “give-up subsidy” , iam not an HNI. so i want the LPG cylinders at subsidized rates.

Thanking you sir
Jaganath K

Mobile No 9846141099
LPG ID : 2 9110 9751 0000 7624
Consumer No : 607624
Consumer Name : JAGANNATH K
Aadhaar Number : 5611 2716 1130
Distributor Code : 19647100
Distributor Name : SURYA GAS

Mobile no :9846141099
Email address :kjaganath5@yahoo.co.in

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