Indane Gas-LPG subsidy nit credtd to banka/c

By | May 30, 2015

Subject of Complaint :LPG subsidy nit credtd to banka/c

Company / Product Name:Indane Gas

State :Uttarakhand

Complaint Details :Indane Gas Bhakat Gas Agency.Haridwar ConaumrNo.cx6612214 LpgId 37500 0000 3700 2008. Aadhar-495249207317 Bank PNB Haridwar IFsC PUNB0019900 a/c no. 0199000100274791. LPG subsidy for cash memo dt 27/4/2015 &21/5/2015 of above gas agency have not credtd to my above bank a/c despite of update of all documents to bank & gas agency many times. Connection was transfer from Kota to Haridwar in 2014 after close of Axis Bank a/c over there. Till March2015 subsidy was credtd to my above PNB Haridwar a/c & from April15 subsidy not credted. Gas agency & bank stated that our record S are updated so helpless. Request to kindly restore credit of subaidy from April 27.2015 to my above PNB Haridwar a/c ; pl

Name :Aruna Giri
Mobile no :+917895220365
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