Indane/LPG gas-LPG GAS-Cancel my “give-up subsidy”

By | July 29, 2015

Subject of Complaint :LPG GAS-Cancel my “give-up subsidy”

Company / Product Name:Indane/LPG gas

State :Delhi
Complaint Details : I have made a mistake that i have pressed a” give-up subsidy” option during auto phone call through indane and then immediately message to my phone as henceforth you will be receiving cylinders at non- subsidized rates with reference no. 482565.
Sir, it is requested to cancel my request “give-up subsidy ” as this computerized call wasn’t clear and button was pressed by mistake. so i want my LPG GAS cylinders at subsidized rates.
Thanking you sir.
Hans Raj Gakhar
Consumer no. 10876

Name :Hans Raj Gakhar
Mobile no :9953328848
Email address :Tarun.gakhar@gmail.Com

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