MAHANAGER PALIKA-Dirty ward no.113

By | November 24, 2015

Subject of Complaint :Dirty ward no.113

Company / Product Name:MAHANAGER PALIKA

State :Maharashtra
Complaint Details : We are leaving at ward no.113 Shivaginager Aurangabad.
The features of ward are
1) Hagandari in the heart of city
2) Lot of garbage in the ward
3) No Road.
4) No water connection
5) 45 dogs in the ward
6) Animals/ Dukkar in the ward
7) Cleaning services not provided
8) Unhealthy Atmosphere.
9) Mosquitoes of Dengue
10) List is unending.
Unfortunately this area is developed by CIDCO AURANGABAD. Basic needs also not fulfilled. CIDCO charged for every services and corporation is also charging.

Mobile no :8446005311
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