marketing times ,maruti suzuki dealer in bahadurgarh-poor service and fake warranty promise

By | October 28, 2014

Subject of Complaint :poor service and fake warranty promise

Company / Product Name:marketing times ,maruti suzuki dealer in bahadurgarh

State :Haryana

Complaint Details :I purchased a maruti suzuki ritz vdi registeration number HR 13 J 0587 BEFORE LESS then 3 month this year.the dealers did all the paper registration work themselves and handed me the RC of my car. I took zero depreciation insurance starting of this month due to lack of brakes I met an accident. left side of my car got damaged.I took my car at the markiting times showroom of bahadurgarh. my car have only done 9300 km . I claimed my insurance.the body shop did their best but while submitting my cars papers the surveyor noted that the chassis number of my car is not same in the RD the last digit was not department denied to pass my claim.I reported the executive of the showroom. They handed me the RC of my car after correction .then the insurance agent passed my claim and after body got repaired a new problem occurs in air conditioning of my car.The mechanic sorted out the problem. They said that the BCM of my car wasn’t working.this part is fixed under the steering of car at right hand side .my car was damaged from the left side.after that the dealers denied to change or repair that part neither under insurance nor under warranty.While the company announced warranty of new vehicle for 2 years or 45000 kms whichever became what kind of reliability do the company or dealer delivers to their customers.

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