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By | May 1, 2015

Subject of Complaint :charging

Company / Product Name:micromax canvas knight

State :Delhi
Complaint Details : micromax (sales by great hollywood superstar Hugh Jackman)
If you are not walking with the time, Some people in the world will literally EAT you.

example : Micromax and its service center.
When superstars like Hugh Jackman is involved in selling Micromax cell phones you do feel like go for it.
But here is what happened :-
I bought Micromax canvas knight A290, In three and half months it stopped charging , I took it to the Micromax dealer who had sold it to me he said to take it to the service center its under warranty, Took it the Laxmi Nagar service center opposite to V3S mall New Delhi.
I submitted the phone to check and get it fixed as it was under warranty.
While waiting for the result to come on the next counter a girl with her mother was begging for the cost to get it reduced to fix their cell phone,
On the other counter behind me a man was arguing for some stamp or proof he needed from Micromax service center to show or prove it to micromax call center or to the company itself. which they did not want to provide him any and the request from a man and argument was longer than I waited there, hope they may have given him some assurance or may god help him.
Now it was my turn ,
the very first thing service center people told me is “you have opened the cell phone” and I was done.
let me tell you
1. I am not a technician.
2. Micromax A290 is like a sealed cell phone. It has inbuilt battery.
3 Cell phone is with me 24/7 everyday.
4. I knew it is under warranty.
5. I never liked a cover or any sort of paper or plastic on any phone I had.
6. To open that cell phone you really need very special instruments. which a regular technician can only have it.
I told them Sir please say something else but don’t blame me that I have opened it or anyone in earth has ever before you did it.
I also asked how can I prove if possible that I have not opened it.
they showed me there a piece of paper which was stick externally on cell phone is tore.
the screw inside is missing.
instead there is a part of device which is not there inside the phone.
these were their explanations that I have opened the phone, I had no words to say except no one has ever opened this phone before you did it.
first thing to prove for myself was, the PIECE OF PAPER WAS NEVER THERE before I submitted the phone to them,
second where is the SCREW missing, all screw was there. they forgot to hide one of them to prove the missing screw.
third the PART which was not there inside where is it, because I know that was never opened it must fallen somewhere inside the phone itself and the cell phone was like sealed phone. interesting thing is the PART they are talking about is broken from the place does not look like anything broken from that particular place, it was intact. (I will prove that below)
answer : your phone is damage and opened so no warranty…….you have to pay to fix it.
So after a little world saving heated debate I said it in little anger ” Sir , It looks like you people
want to bring out the money somehow from your customer, because you are so far not talking about the solution you are actually convincing me to say “yes I have opened it” so that you can pitch for the money next.
then I said how much would it cost to fix.
immediate answer was Rs 1820.00,
awesome ! great calculation within a second.
I said this is what you were frustrated of saying.
you want money,
warranty means nothing and you know how to clear a warranty crap.
end of the day you are doing everything for money but by trying to fool someone, and sorry to say but I know the world a little bit ….so try next time.
The supervisor got furious said ” we are not doing this, don’t talk to me like this else I am a bla bla bla bla bla blaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh)
he kept on threatening me, I heard it till the time I left and door was closed.

Now I took it to a very small mobile repairing shop, a man (they are called just a man however they have equal knowledge same as a graduated technician but since they cannot speak English..so ..)said sir things look fine in your cell phone I will have to check a little and fix it.
he also said this cell phone looks new it must be under warranty why don’t you take it to the Microma service center?
ok …fix for how much?
around Rs200
ok do it.
not to forget I asked him about the PIECE of PAPER tore, he said this piece of paper is so small it can get tore and completely removed by itself if its not kept in showcase.
alright what about the SCREW missing, he replied there is no single screw missing from anywhere in a cell phone.
ok then also tell me about the BROKEN PART in cell phone.
Sir there is none at all. your battery is fine it is charging now but yes, sir there is no display on your device anymore and for your information battery and display is on both opposite side I don’t know why anyone would open and completely remove display when there is battery charging problem.
did anyone opened the display of your phone?
I told him the Micromax service center story. they opened almost every part of the device.
he was so sorry about me.

things I learned or say revealed ” Go with true heart, you will find a true person”

Micromax service center was a complete liar to me coz I know no one has ever opened that phone before they did it.

Name :Pradeep Murmu
Mobile no :8744914178
Email address :knorbyuniversal@gmail.com

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