MTS-MTS Post post bill after cancellation

By | December 25, 2015

Subject of Complaint :MTS Post post bill after cancellation

Company / Product Name:MTS

State :Tamil Nadu
Complaint Details : MTS – Post bill

I got the MTS post data card and cancelled due to extra charge and they told me to pay full payment up-to-date bill and i was paid the full bill and cancelled the MTS post connection its happen before 11months

and Now, i got call from one lady Her number (919266665736) she told tat we got complaint about mts bill payment with you. i have pay some payment to mts bill what is this ?

I said tat mam, i paid the full bill and asked MTS center called they said you number is deactivated but you have pay the 230 for sir,

they are cheating people with this ….

Rule :
if you pay up to date bill only we can do the deactivated said by MTS Center only.. but now how

Name :sridhar
Mobile no :9566143294
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