“N” Ward BMC Worker forcefully taken my Home.-“N” Ward BMC Worker forcefully taken my Home.

By | September 1, 2015

Subject of Complaint :“N” Ward BMC Worker forcefully taken my Home.

Company / Product Name:“N” Ward BMC Worker forcefully taken my Home.

State :Maharashtra
Complaint Details : I, Pandurang Bhau Nalawade tenant of Pascal Parera Chawl at Kirol Village , Vidhyavihar( West )- 86. From year 1981.My Landlord’s brother who was earlier producing Country Liquor in his residence staying at upper room up to year 2004 , which is above our room transferred enormous amount of heat to our home due to which our home slab started falling apart. Since then we had always been requesting the landlord to have the same repaired by contributing mutually but he never cared towards this matter. Even though we insisted his attention several times to our room condition, he had always turned a deaf ear and asked us to vacate our room as early as possible. On one such insistence of requesting repair, he asked us to pay him Rs.1 lakh and carry out the overall repair expenses ourselves. When we disagreed with his stand of not contributing to the repair, he confirmed saying that this is the law that all the repair expenses need to be borne by us or else we should vacate the room as soon as possible.
Since then Mr. Pascal Parera & Sobesh Parera (Who is employee of BMC at Ghatkopar) have starting harassing and threatening us to vacate the room or else have told us that we would have to face dire consequences for going against them. So we had given letter to BMC Ghatkopar in 2006 with broken Slab Photograph through Mr.Parkhe (Advocate high court).It is very dangerous to live in that situation there, so we temporary moved to Kalwa (Dist. Thane).Since there I continuously following with my landlord for repair. In July this year they have forcefully broken the Slab, called the Firebridgade & police to our house, taken permission for repair from BMC & sold all my household belongings without our knowledge. The current condition of the house is that he has totally broken my room and started new house construction all together and has asked us not to interfere informing us that the entire place now belongs only to them. During the last 2 week we have been seeking the intervention from local police station and N Ward officers, but none of them have helped us and have in fact asked us to co-operate with the landlord. We have provided a complaint copy to the CST (Municipal Corporation Head office) as well as Ghatkopar N Ward office, Police Commionsioneer & Chirag Nagar but the response remains that “We will look into it, think about it and update you”. Until now we haven’t received any update from either of them.
I have requested BMC (Ghatkopar) to show us permission copy or Papers UNDER RTI (Right to information Act) on 01st Aug- 15. But till Date not given it.Meanwhile within 15 days Landlord & his Brothers Son (Who is Working in BMC, Mr Sobes Parera) carried out all illegal construction & removed Our Door, & taken entire room.
Request you to kindly intervene in the same and provide us relief in the above case. Do let me know if you need any further information or documentation from me or need me to visit you or any authority in person to discuss this further.
Awaiting your earliest response.

Name :Shivnath Pandurang Nalawade
Mobile no :9702578625
Email address :shivnath2007@gmail.com

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