None-A call for being just and fair

By | January 10, 2016

Subject of Complaint :A call for being just and fair

Company / Product Name:None

State :Maharashtra
Complaint Details : I am sending this to you hoping for an immediate response.

Perhaps, you have posted a number of articles on terrorist and extremist groups (who affiliate themselves to the religion of Islam) such an ISIS, AlQaeda and others using labels such as “jihadi terrorists”, “Islamic terrorists” or other insinuating labels. Don’t you think that it is from justice and fairness to also clarify to the audience about Islam’s position on these terrorist and extremist groups by either making it as the news headlines or atleast giving it a substantial amount of coverage?

If your ignorant, then I think it is a duty on your part to educate yourself before shaping the public’s opinion about Islam either inten

Name :Anuj Purushottam
Mobile no :+919769130836
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