Not known-Environment issue in Baranagar

By | May 12, 2016

Subject of Complaint :Environment issue in Baranagar

Company / Product Name:Not known

State :West Bengal
Complaint Details : In Baranagar, where Trinomul lead party running the Municipality, lots of local ponds are getting filled up with soil and used in real estates. One such, currently happening in my local area. 100 of men are pouring up soils and rubbish and filling up a huge pond for real estate. In Baranagar, as you aware, Promoter Raj is happening, and this particular incident proves this fact once again. Everyday, these ignorant people, destroying our environment and pushing us towards death. Till today, absolutelyNo Rain today, except here and there.

I will request you to your goodself, please investigate this issue and publish to your paper to bring notice to authority, as you did that previously very

Name :Not known
Mobile no :1122334455
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