P.D.Lions college-Looting the poor and middleclass student

By | July 2, 2015

Subject of Complaint :Looting the poor and middleclass student

Company / Product Name:P.D.Lions college

State :Maharashtra
Complaint Details : Being an Aided college the college had charged each student with ₹2100/- for an additional course and failed to deliver anything. College collected funds of more than 1 crore and 25 lakhs. After my legal actions them they supressed me and again this year they are looting the innocent poor and middleclass famlies. I would like to bring up this issue with your support and help. I m not against this institution but against some corrupt people and on the side of innocent students. During the admission there is a illegal process of giving money to few people and get admissions and by this way they earn around 15-20 crores per year which is assumed to be distributed throughout the hierarchy from m

Name :Parthsarthi Saraf
Mobile no :9699707956
Email address :Sarafparthsarthi@gmail.com

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