Pantaloons, GIP Mall, Noida, UP-Cheating while billing

By | July 11, 2015

Subject of Complaint :Cheating while billing

Company / Product Name:Pantaloons, GIP Mall, Noida, UP

State :Uttar Pradesh
Complaint Details : I went for shopping in GIP Mall, Noida on 9.7.15 in pantaloons. 1. I had requested to bill all items together but the person did not do it as i wanted to availd 5% cash back on the bill which was above Rs 4500. 2. I had vouchers of Rs 1500 which the bill boy was trying to adjust in a bill of a shirt of approx Rs 2000 which had a discount of 50%. I informed the person about the vouchers earlier also. But he kept on saying ” sir JV mar denge” he was trying to adjust my 1500 coupons in Rs 1000 bill. When i caught his mistake then they made me buy another Tshirt to adjust the due amount. Its CHEATING in clear words.

Name :Din Bandhu Nayak
Mobile no :8744914404
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