pantaloons-staff member screaming on customers

By | August 15, 2015

Subject of Complaint :staff member screaming on customers

Company / Product Name:pantaloons

State :Chattisgarh

Complaint Details :This complaint is regarding staff member of PANTALOONS BILASPUR(CG) BRANCH. We were waiting at the counter of girls sections(downstairs) for billing.there was a lot of rush so we thought to check the boys sections upstairs if it was free.we found the counter was not as busy as the downtair one. So we went upstairs for biling. After standing for 10 mins in the line we are told that the counter is closed. when i told him but “COUNTER OPEN” sign is there and if it was closed you used have told us early.why did we waste our time standing in thst line. instead of accepting his fault he started shouting. When my mom came and asked how can he shout like that he shouted on her also. Can you imagine that. THE STAFF DON’T KNOW TO PUT A “COUNTER CLOSE” SIGN IF THE COUNTER IS CLOSED BUT VERY WELL KNOWS HOW TO SHOUT ON THE CUSTOMERS. This is so pathetic. We didn’t buy those clothes. is this why pantaloons put offer so that he can call customers and shout on them. when you can’t manage the customer why the hell do you put a SALE?? We understand that during sale there’s a lot of rush but that doesn’t mean you(PANTALOONS) FORGET HOW TO TALK. In all you wasted our 2hours. I’m very sure my mom will never set foot again in pantaloons and i’ll make sure everyone knows about this. if you really care for your customer i’m sure u’ll LOOK at the matter. We couldn’t get his name or photo but it was SATURDAY 7:30PM men’s section upstairs. And one que how in a such a busy day + weekend you open only 3 counter instead of 8 present in your shop. Horrible experience. Warning for everyone. Don’t go there if you want to be shouted and humiliated by the staff

Name :sakshi agrawal
Mobile no :9009390483
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