Raheja Hospital Mahim-Money- More important for doctors rather than patient’s health

By | May 18, 2015

Subject of Complaint :Money- More important for doctors rather than patient’s health

Company / Product Name:Raheja Hospital Mahim

State :Maharashtra
Complaint Details : My Aunt was admitted to Raheja Hospital Mahim for the complaint of severe pain and numbness in her right leg. Saturday morning she was admitted to some orthopedic hospital in Malad, Here the test were done and reports arrived which clearly mentioned that there is some severe problem and the blood supply to her leg tissues is blocked due to which her tissues and cells are dying. They only mentioned that they can not treat the patient as it isn’t a orthopedic condition and advised her to shift to other hospital. The problem her was they did not mentioned that her conditions is severe and the infection is rapidly spreading the she needed to be shifted on immediate basis. She was shifted to Prince Ali Khan hospital where that doctor arrived late and they did not provide proper treatment only pain killers were given. She was shifted then to Raheja Hospital where her treatment started. The doctors informed us that it has already become late and the cells of her leg have already died and the infection is steadily and rapidly increasing. If they don’t amputate the leg it will spread to the other body parts and will damage her organs as well and can be life threatening. WE agreed for the amputation but to our dismay the hospital authority and doctors gave us the estimated expenses of more than 7 lacs. To add to our surprise they said deposit some amount immediately on the counter then only they will start the treatment. WE all were requesting that we will arrange for the money but you carry on with the treatment but they refused. They already stooped the treatment inside the operation theater and one of the doctor came out and told us, deposit 2 lac rupees then only they will continue the treatment other wise the operation will be cancelled. Knowing the condition of the patient and knowing that the infection is rapidly spreading they stopped the treatment. It was only after one of my uncle who is in police intervened and gave guarantee that the money will be deposited ASAP they started with the treatment. What the shame. IT clearly shows that money is more important to doctors nowadays rather that patients’ life. Hospitals are made to earn money and doctors are acting as the agents to extract money from poor and devastated patients and their relatives. This incident puts a big question mark on our medical system and the doctors profession.

Name :Nilofar Shaikh
Mobile no :9773102264
Email address :sk.nilofar28@yahoo.in

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