Reliance-Deduction of balance, No customer service

By | May 20, 2015

Subject of Complaint :Deduction of balance, No customer service

Company / Product Name:Reliance

State :West Bengal
Complaint Details : Sir,
Recently (at 7:48 p.m. on 19th May, 2015) I got the following message on my reliance mobile (no. 9832460853)

Amount Charged for VAS One97 Subscrip Rs:5.00.
Current Main Balance : Rs:2.09

I knew that I have not activated any such VAS. So I checked my balance and it had really reduced to 2.09. The same thing has happened twice before and on contacting customer care I have got back the deducted amount. So I tried to contact customer care (198).
On calling, for the first few times I heard, “This route is busy, please try again later”. After sometime when the call connected I tried to talk to a representative (by dialing 9 twice and 1 once). When the call connected the phone kept ringing but no one received it. Frustrated I disconnected the call. When I tried to call again I got the same message, “This route is busy, please try again later”.
Already a pack was activated without my permission and Rs. 5 was deducted from my account. Moreover when I tried to contact customer care there was no response. I had faced a wastage of my time and money.
I want reliance to refund my Rs. 5 that have been deducted. I also want them to make their customer service better.
[As I think back, I think I should also demand for a compensation for the problems that I have faced. Though I am not interested in this. I will be more then happy if I get my original Rs. 5 back.] Hoping for some good actions to be taken…
Thank you.

Name :Sherlock Doyle
Mobile no :9832460853
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