srivenkateswara gagas agency-deactivation of give up subsidy

By | July 11, 2015

Subject of Complaint :deactivation of give up subsidy

Company / Product Name:srivenkateswara gagas agency

State :Andhra Pradesh
Complaint Details : Complaints details:- deactivation of give up subsidy
Forget fully I register “give up subsidy”option. but I wants to take the facility of subsidy in my HP gas connection How it is possible? Please reply to me . my details below:-
Coustmmer no:- 694370
Mobile No:- 9949524320
Disterbuteor:- Srivenkateswara gas agencies Madanapalli
District:- Chittor
Name:- velamala. Ramakrishna
Mobile No:- 9949524320
Email address:-

Name :velamala. Ramakrishna
Mobile no :9949524320
Email address

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