By | September 16, 2015

Subject of Complaint :nosignal

Company / Product Name:tatasky

State :Odisha
Complaint Details : My tatasky was having signal issues in some channels for last few days. As per the directions obtained from the technician, I have turned the LNB so that there was no signal problem and everything works perfect.

But yesterday, when I turned on The STB, “no signal screen” was showing. I was unable to watch even a single channel. I have performed a “Master Reset” and STB was restarted. Selected language as English, Select LNB parameters as it is and select Satellite INSAT 4A-14 then I get a “Signal Lock Screen”. Signal Strength=100% Signal Quality=100%. No further options are available.

Is there anyway I can sort out this problem myself and view channels.

Thanks in advance.

Name :sivaji
Mobile no :9853308484
Email address :sibaramachary.chikitipentho@gmail.com

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