Uttarbanga Sambad-Wrong information about physics Noble prize and physics

By | January 14, 2016

Subject of Complaint :Wrong information about physics Noble prize and physics

Company / Product Name:Uttarbanga Sambad

State :West Bengal
Complaint Details : On the page no 10 which was about science, by Dr. Prashanta Kumar Mitra, at the 1st column 2nd row they wrote about physics and Noble Prize but they wrote that Dr. Takaaki Kajita and Dr. Arthur McDonald won Noble Prize for their research about neutron but it’s neutrinos, they wrote that neutron is the smallest particle and human’s didn’t knew about it’s mass till their research but it’s wrong humans know about neutron’s mass from many years but not neutrinos, it’s really a great mistake and it can influence millions of students and people. So, I want that they would publish an apologize at the same page tomorrow. That can solve a little bit of this great mistake.

Name :Debangshu Paul
Mobile no :9614475174
Email address :debangshu.goodluck@gmail.com

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