By | May 11, 2015

Subject of Complaint :VODAFONE-DEDUCTION OF Rs.149 FOR DNLD-DWAP_ANI0149_PPU_CRE00691001

Company / Product Name:VODAFONE PREPAID

State :Rajasthan
Complaint Details : Rs.149 got deducted from my account without any information on 9 may 2015 . When contacted to vodafone relationship manager, they told its because of DNLD-DWAP_ANI0049_PPU_CRE00691001, But i dont no what is that DNLD-DWAP_ANI0049_PPU_CRE00691001, and the vodafone person is telling he also dont no about DNLD-DWAP_ANI0049_PPU_CRE00691001. he says its a downloading charge of an app. but i didnt download any app. Without knowing to me something will get activate and even the vodafone service provider also not aware about that service, But they have deducted Rs 149. without any intimation and dont know for which service.
Its nothing but cheating, i need refund.

Name :Akhil Jain
Mobile no :9983981013
Email address :ahiljain2041990@yahoo.com

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