Western Railways/GRP-Crowding/Stampede @ Andheri bridge

By | March 1, 2016

Subject of Complaint :Crowding/Stampede @ Andheri bridge

Company / Product Name:Western Railways/GRP

State :Maharashtra
Complaint Details : Drop down by a local to from mon-fri morning 8-10:30 on Andheri PF 3-4 , & you shall know what I am talking about- there is a lot of stampede to get on to a stair that leads to bridge by commuters. Women are groped, elderly are mistreated and even the common man is troubled as he has no option because he has to report to work on time as he has no choice. Despite all this no police personal is present and women continue to be inappropriately touched by low life suckers. Please make a visit at d above mentioned time and you shall know

Name :Neil Pereira
Mobile no :7875337997
Email address :neilpereira100@gmail.com

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