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Prakash Industries Ltd Contact Details

The company was started in 1980 as Prakash Pipes and Industries. The company manufactures PVC pipes, B&W TV picture tubes and video tapes and cassettes. V P Agarwal is the Chairman of the company whereas K C Mehra is the Chairman of the organization. The company also participates in Corporate Social Responsibility.   Address: Srivan,… Read More »

SRS Ltd Contact Details

It is the diversified company which is into Cinema Exhibition, Food and Beverages, Retail and Manufacturing & Retailing of jewellery. Company also opened the mall named as SRS mall in Faridabad which became one of the well known mall in the city. The company is well known in the Indian Market. Anil Jindal is the… Read More »

Mercator Ltd Contact Details

The company was established in 1983. The main head office is located in Mumbai. The company is also listed in BSE and NSE.  Earlier it was known as Mercator Lines Ltd. The company is into Coal, Oil & Gas, Commodity Transportation and Dredging. H.K.Mitthal is the Chairman of the company.  The company also participates in… Read More »

Sintex Industries Ltd. Contact Details

The company is into plastics and Textiles. It was founded in 1931 in Kalol in Gujarat. The company is the world largest producer of plastic water tank and in terms of textile. it is Asia’s largest manufacturer of corduroy fabrics. The company have the market in European, American, African, and Asian markets and also are very… Read More »

Voltas Ltd Contact Details

It is the engineering company which is used for the manufacturing of the home appliances  equipments of air conditioners, refrigerators etc.  The equipments manufactured are in the area of heating, ventilations etc. The main head office is located in Mumbai. The company is the part of TATA Group.   Address: VOLTAS LIMITED 301, Shivalik Corporate… Read More »

Petronet LNG Ltd. Contact Details

It is an Indian oil and gas company formed by the government of India  to import LNG. It is national drive to ensure the country’s energy security in the years to come. Has participated in many Corporate Social Responsibilities such as medical checkups, education etc. Headquarter is located in New Delhi. Address  :    1st Floor, World… Read More »