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The Gym India Phone Number

If you want to attain a healthy mind and maintain the same then you should indulge in exercising. One of the best gyms in Delhi is The gym India. Known for its superb equipment, well-known trainers and body building specialisation, you can find out more about the gym India by calling the numbers mentioned below.… Read More »

Talwalkars Gym Phone Number

One of the most sought after gyms in India today is Talwalkars Gym. Known for its professional conduct, world-class machines and seasoned trainers- Talwalkars gym is a one stop junction for loosing fit and maintaining physical fitness. For any enquiry the contact details are mentioned below. Talwalkars Gym Phone Number : +91 22 6612 6300… Read More »

Bars and dumbbell a -Oiling of equipment a can cause danger

Subject of Complaint :Oiling of equipment a can cause danger Company / Product Name:Bars and dumbbell a State :Karnataka Complaint Details : This is the complain against the trainer named Ben who’s been oiling the equipments which is very risky for the people they might injure and not only damage externally but this might damage… Read More »