GIC Balanced Fund-Not able to contact or get information

By | May 10, 2017

Subject of Complaint :Not able to contact or get information

Company / Product Name:GIC Balanced Fund

State :Kerala

Complaint Details :I contributed and got allotment of 300 numbers of Balanced Fund units under GIC Mutual Fund category and am in possession of certificates dated 1st February, 1993. Relevant details shown in the certificates are as given below:
CV No.149497 1/03 to 3/03
Regd Folio No. BFA13955
Certificate Nos. 00643210, 00643211 and 00643212
Mode of holding: Single
Total No. of Units: 100×3=300
Distinctive Nos. : 0067751301 to 0067751600.
All my attempts to keep in touch with the company, intimations regarding change of address, etc did not result in any visible response so far. Kindly advice me what further steps could result in recovering my investment with appropriate compensation.

Mobile no :9495192595
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