Indian Rupees-Getting harassed for not having big notes

By | August 24, 2017

Subject of Complaint :Getting harassed for not having big notes

Company / Product Name:Indian Rupees

State :West Bengal

Complaint Details :You have saved us by your reporting about 10 Rupees coin, and thus we became able to use the same.
Now facing worst situation while coming through auto from Giris Park Metro to Manicktala the fair is Rs.5/-
Now earlier the auto drivers used to ask “Do u have five rupee change ? if yes then board in otherwise not( they were reluctant to give changes of Rs.10/- or so) Now
they are out rightly nodding their head to take any passenger for Manicktala..stating that too many “Rechki” will not take passengers of Manicktala..
Are we all sooo rich that money is not money for us any more? why they are making chaos and unnecessary harassment?? PLEASE HELP!!!

Name :Sanghamitra Chowdhury
Mobile no :8017219754
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